Monday, May 16, 2016

Ridge turns TWO and Delaney is 4 months old!

Seriously!!! My little boy is now a sassy, but sweet toddler! On April 22, 2014 at 9:06 pm, that sweetheart little boy made his debut into our lives. He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was the best first baby. And he is still my favorite little boy. Ridge LOVES Choo Choo trains and now constantly asks "what's that?" To everything he is curious about. I have loved seeing the world from his perspective. He is such a great helper around the house too. He is also very curious about everything going on. He is very active and loves to be outside. He's spend all day out there! 
Favorite book: My First Things That Go (it has tractors and airplanes and trains)
Favorite food: cookies and chocolate (I've been teaching him American Sign Language to help with his vocabulary. He loves asking me for cookies followed by an excited please!)
Favorite people: Mom, Dad, Delaney
Favorite movie: it changes all the time. 
Favorite thing: the park

Delaney turned 4 months old! 
I can't believe it. It seriously feels like I just had my cute, chunky, cabbage patch doll baby! At four months she weighed 18.1 pounds. She fits in size four diapers better than Ridge. She loves to roll all over the place and loves watching her best friend and older brother Ridge! She wants to crawl so bad, but when she lifts herself up, she scoots backwards. It's very frustrating. Haha! I'm seriously so happy to be her momma. 

Now enjoy some pictures! 
Ridge got Ironman and a vacuum for his birthday, among other things as well. 
Don't mind the bruise and the poorly, self given haircut. He's just as happy as a clam.
Chinky passed out girl and crazy, monkey, climbing boy!
Delaney being cute! It's pretty easy for her to do.
I can hardly get pictures of Ridge nowadays because they are all blurry or he's not paying me any attention. But Delaney sure doesn't mind a few pictures! Only a 6 pound difference between these two.

That's all! Adios!

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mce said...

i love reading about your children. they are amazing