Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some new news!

I've been a little MIA from my blog. I didn't want to tell you about our life, as I was unsure of what exactly was happening. However, after receiving some news, I will now gladly share.

About a month and a half or so ago, I told Tyler that I think he should go to school. He has mentioned BYUI bring the only school that would accept his credits from Treasure Valley CC which he attended before we got married. So I ran with the idea. 

Being the crazy person and wife that I am, while Tyler was at work one day, I applied to BYUI for him (don't worry, I've applied for him for schools before! Haha! So he should know, ex. NAU). I asked him questions I wasn't sure of and he answered, a little confused at why I was asking. When he got home that day, I had the application in and just needed a few more things from him. He was surprised, but not really shocked, as I had done this before! Ha! 

Now we just had to wait for BYU and see what else they would need, then give them what they needed, then see if they needed anything else and so on until it was completed. Once that was done we just had to wait. Thankfully the waiting wasn't that long. On April 4th we got admitted! YEAAAAAH! Not sure what semester or block we have been accepted into yet, but should know I'm a few days. 

We still have our house in Payson, but have listed that with our amazing agent and it is on the market. (Help get our house sold people!!) Though we still have this tie, things seem to be working out (I told you they would)! So that's our update. 

I'm still crazy. Tyler will be going to school! And we will be moving. The Forsberg's will soon be in Rexburg. A new adventure is on the horizon!

Also check out these pictures from Easter and before. I didn't get very many of Ridge (he's been a very terrible pre 2 year old)! 
We all match! Easter Sunday!
I got Ridge and Delaney bunny ears!
Hey check out this cute couple! We should be friends;)
This cute little girl!
I love her!
I need to get more pictures of Ridge!
Chunky girl and handsome boy! 
Easter dinner
Smelling the roses.
This girl turned 3 months old! She LOVES to sit up and roll on her side. She's super smiley and incredibly sweet! We love her and all her chub!

I love this photo! Ridge has been so sick and was so tired that he fell asleep with Grandpa while watching LDS general conference.

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Unknown said...

So happy for your family! What a big adventure you have ahead. congrats for making the move. Good luck on selling the house.