Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hard times!

So back in September of 2015, Tyler and I had JUST purchased a house. I was expecting our second child. Tyler had his job as a police officer. Then everything changed. October came and the job that was suppose to be great, was lost! We were heartbroken. It was stressful and emotional and freaking hard and still is. We thought we were going to be in Payson for a long time. Not forever, but longer. So because of that, we started to snowball down hill. With a new house, a bigger car, and a baby on the way, we didn't know what to do. We applied for state insurance and thankfully our ward helped us. 

Now I feel like we have plateaued on the bottom but will soon be making a comeback. And as hard as this has been on me, it's been even harder on Tyler! I've been trying to be strong. But I struggle with depression something fierce. So we've exchanged our roles back and forth to be each other's supports. But there have been two other short people that it has been hard on. Our two little babes, Ridge and Delaney! Delaney's probably the least effected. But I e noticed it has been taking a toll on sweet little Ridge. He use to be the happiest, easy going kid ever. He always wanted to please everyone, especially me! But lately, staying with Grandma and Grandpa, I've noticed a change. I never thought it would effect him. But it has. And it breaks my heart. However, I plan on having little dates with just him, and having family talks, and doing more as his mom to help him. He's been so tired and been having tantrums and been sick. And I think he keeps waiting to go home. But we aren't going home. And I just don't know what to do. I feel like I've been failing as his mom and as a wife. And I know there is a brighter future ahead for us. But it is so hard to see. 

Anyways. Sorry for my sob story. I'm so grateful to be apart and an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It's amazing that even though rings have been so rough, and I've been sad and Tyler has been sad, I know things will work out. I don't know when and don't know how, but I have faith. And I'm SO grateful for my parents. They have taken us in and have helped us in so many ways! They support us and have given us their time and love. 

Now to make you feel better, mainly I need to feel better, look at these pictures! Goodnight!
We got a new puppy, Rusty. And they ALL hated being in this picture! Hah! 
Ridge and his puppy Rusty were fast friends!
Delaney just being cute!
This Sunday, I made everyone wear black and red!! 
Family selfie! 
She is 2 months in this picture! My how time flies!
Ridge just practicing selfies! 

That's all for tonight. 

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