Monday, September 1, 2014

Two blogs??

I have started a new blog. 2? You can't even keep up one! 
Yeah yeah! I know. 

Sometimes I get these "AH-HA!" moments. I've had a few in the past month or so. 

And so I will be keeping THIS blog, to discuss my life and random thoughts. 

The other blog? My journey on becoming healthy. Feel free to visit! I needed this other blog to hold myself accountable for my health and the change that I'm making my little family go through. It will be fun!

Anyhoo... I thought I would share a few of my mind blowing moments with you.
I recently traveled to Idaho to go to a wedding. It was tough, but ended up bring my hubby and I closer. Which in the end, is all we care about.
But while there, I had been having a tough time and have an amazingly, freaking awesome BIL. 
He talked about how he works (he's a farmer and can work LONG hours) and his 
wife stays home and does house work and makes dinner. He said that because he works and is the sole bread winner, that his wife (my utterly stunning SIL) gets the opportunity to stay home. 
This is where my "AH-HA" moment is coming. We were talking about household chores and that
they have an agreement to where the work is equal.
Now I grew up in a family where both of my parents helped out around the house. They BOTH
worked full time, so they shared the work load of household chores. 
Growing up this way, I was used to/expected my husband to not only work full time, but then come home and help around the house. --Back before I was pregnant and working, this worked--
And it's not like he won't still help out. But instead of expecting him to do all of the work with me, I needed to be fair. I get the amazing opportunity to be a stay at home mom. My job is a home maker. 
Food preparer. Mom. House cleaner. 
It may not sound like much to you. And it may sound unfair to you. But our home situation 
is different than yours. And talking to my BIL just made sense. 

So from now on, I'm making a few changes to my way of living and how Tyler and I will share the work load. It will be great and super fun. This is going to be our new journey. It may be tough, but at least you will be able to get a few laughs out of our failure and success. 


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