Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Babies, Blogs, and Books!

Blogs: YEAH! I'm doing good so far keeping up with my new year goal on writing at least once a month. Because this is TWICE! I'm already right on track. Go me.

Books: So my mom, sisters and I have started this book club thing. It's where each sister gets a month and chooses a favorite book and everyone else reads it. This month was my turn. I had a few different books they could choose from. I think the first month has been great. I just love to read. And since I have all this time, it will be great getting to see what everyone else chooses as well. I've been thinking about when baby comes, and since babies don't really DO much, besides be needy and all the sorts, I figure I will definitely have the time to read a few interesting stories every month. Plus it keeps my edu-ma-cation up in all kinds of smart ways too. Obviously, I need it! haha! I'm SO EXCITED though. I think this is such a great idea. And all you losers should do it too. Or not. Who cares.

Babies: Well, really just one BABY! Hopefully by now there are no surprises as to the number of little beings inside my belly... Awkward! I love babies. I have watched almost all of my nieces and nephews and helped as well. Then some moved, well ALL moved. But I feel pretty confident that I'm going to be a freaking AWESOME mom, because I have an awesome mom and my sister's are awesome moms too!!!

Something the nurses always ask me at the doctor's office is, "Can you feel the baby moving?" I honestly love that question. I always answer, "YES! I'm so happy!" I realize they are asking more for confirmation that everything is still copacetic, but that makes me feel even better. Now I can even see baby boy moving too. It's kind of exorcist, creepy! BUT HEY... He's alive and kicking, or punching. Whichever! Simple things like that make me happy. I just can't wait to meet this little fellow.

Well, that is all for now! Thanks for stalking!

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Caroline C. Bingham said...

I read one! I couldn't find the exact book you suggested, so I grabbed another one by the same author. It was "for one more day". It was pretty good. Not exactly my style, but it was a nice, happy, life lesson sort of book. Makes you step back and appreciate your life more. I'm definitely going to read some more of his books though!