Monday, May 16, 2011

The Scoop!!

Hey guess what??? I'M MARRIED!!! I know! It's kind of been an all over thing. I need to tell you the story about it though!

So a little background:

Do you remember that hot missionary boy that was TOTALLY OFF LIMITS? Yeah. He and I are hubby and wifey! It's amazing. But now I can't call him that. So to formally introduce him to the blog, his name is Tyler. The now hot return missionary man. Anyways. Yes, we met on his mission. He left the area, then I came back home to the AZ and we wrote each other. He the better one at keeping the writing and letters coming.

Well he got home November 19th, we started talking and things just started to really spark from there. After I had flown out to see him at his humble abode and we became... BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND (oh yeah! That sounds AWESOME!!!!), we started to talk about him coming out to see me over spring break. We talked on the phone ALL THE TIME (because we're official and you know how we do! BAM!) about not being able to wait long enough and what not. But we would wait for him to come during that time when it could be afforded. *little did I know*

My birthday was coming up and he kept asking (at first) what I wanted. I would joke and say him. But knew that was out of the question. Then he would say that I have a package arriving. ***Now I've never had a BF or anything on my birthday before so just being with him was excitement enough.*** I said those typical girl words of "I don't need anything!"

Skip forward! It was Thursday, January 27th. Just a few short days before my birthday. He said that something would be coming in the mail that day. So I was anxious to get home from work. He'd been very short with texting that day too. I figured that he was anxious about what he sent. I get home from a LOOOOOOOOOONG day at work and I ask my sister Queen Bee if she had seen a package because Tyler said that it would come either today in the later afternoon, or tomorrow. She said she hadn't seen anything. DANG!!! I had school that night too, so my day JUST got longer with the news of nothing showing up. But I still had tomorrow to look forward too.

Off I went to school to spend the next three worthless hours (4-7 ish PM) there. After that was done and over with, I was coming home and I was texting Tyler. He had asked if my birthday package had arrived, to which I had told him it hadn't. He said not to worry and that it should be there when I get home.

After I get home, from a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG evening at school, my mom had sent me to get my nephew Curtis from my dad. I reluctantly agreed. My mom took my school things, even with my OCD of saying where to lay them down, and sent me in. With no make up on, hair and clothes a mess from being so exhausted, I walk into the living room where I would be "taking my nephew from my dad!"

GUESS WHAT?! My dad had a camera. Why? BECAUSE MY BOYFRIEND TYLER WAS SITTING ON THE COUCH IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! When he's suppose to be up in Idaho. Not in Arizona. What the heck?!?! I did a double take, then rushed over to give him a hug. He was looking so good and I was so happy. BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!! We talk and he tells me how it was a surprise and how almost everyone was in on it and how they had all worked out the details. WHAT THE HECK!!!! After everything was all settled we had gone to walk around the MESA TEMPLE.

We walked all across the grounds and talked with Dairy Queen treats in hand. We talked and talked and talked. And just walked around, sometimes not even saying anything at all. I opened up and told him everything. And he had also opened up with me. He said he loved me, again, looking into my tearful eyes. It was just what I had needed. My boyfriend with me, hugging me, and holding me tight. That's when I decided that I could spend the rest of my life with him. I assumed that he wanted to also because of how our talk had gone. BUT I still KNEW he was coming down for spring break and was going to propose to me then, or I hoped he would....

The next day, Friday, I had to work. Thankfully I had enough room to spare, so I was able to call in sick that day to spend the day with Tyler. He was helping my dad with the yard work and I was inside chatting with my mom about knowing that he was going to propose to me during spring break. He just needed to chat with my dad and now was the perfect timing. She had a smile in her eyes and had said she'd agreed to my views. YES! Anyways, after Tyler was done helping my dad, he decided that he wanted to jump into our pool to cool off and wanted me to join. Since I had just gone swimming earlier that week (again this being the end of January and water has not heated up. Not even a little), so I declined, but said I would watch. SUCH a good idea!! I had NO CLUE that my man had a HOT BOD! Hello six pack of wonder!!! Anyways, enough about that.... After that we had gone to go on a hike at Superstition Springs. I was pathetic and he was kind. We'd gotten to the spot and taken cute pictures and decided it would be time to go back down to make it in time for dinner and be presentable.

After cleaning up and showering, Tyler (who was staying with my grandma) had come back looking so dapper and we had gone with my younger sister Verity and her hubby to see The Green Hornet. After the movie we came back home and saying goodbye for the next two hours, neither of us wanting to part, my sister, Queen Bee, flashed the lights meaning "it's time to come in". We kissed (woot!) and finally bid adieu for the night.

On Saturday, we went to early dinner at Matta's the Mexican food restaurant (not as good as the original) with most of my family. After dinner, Queen Bee had talked to Tyler and said she needed his help getting some grocery items. I went with my younger sister and her hubby back to my abode. After Tyler and Queen Bee had finally returned, he and I went for another walk around the temple like we said we were going to. After walking around and chatting and holding hands we walked to a tree that splits with a view of the temple. It was a cold-ish night, and Tyler, being from Idaho, was shaking. I asked what was up because he was shaking. He had said he was kind of nervous. I couldn't figure out why. Then he said "Meredith, I have a very important question for you!" Then he continued to kneel on one knee, pulling out a box (YES! There was a ring in it!) that he had in his pocket, and ask "Meredith Mariah Ellsworth, will you marry me?" All of the sudden I started to cry, but said YES!

After we had started to leave to go to the car from the temple grounds, he opened my door (always has) walked around to the back, then came back with flowers. Beautiful arrangement of flowers. Not roses (he's so good to me because he knows I don't like roses) and handed them to me. I asked "Have those been in there the WHOLE time and I was just oblivious?" To which he replied "yes they were!"

We headed back home so I could share the news with my family. I couldn't stop crying (Tyler says I was always saying "I'm so happy!" throughout all the tears).

The next day was Sunday and he had come to church with me and my family looking handsome as ever and I announced I was engaged.

Then after some pictures, we both bid another farewell, for I had to work the next day, my birthday.

He had come to my work to eat lunch with me and I had taken a longer lunch. Then came the time to say goodbye because his plane was leaving before I got off work and couldn't afford the time off. I cried, and SO DID HE! But we knew that it was only a short-ish-not-really time before we would see each other again.

Today is 6 months from the time that he had proposed to me. And now? We're married and loving it!

So here's the scoop. Now you all know!

Have a good night!


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