Friday, January 7, 2011


I work out! I love to work out. I recently joined back at my old gym 24 Hour Fitness because when I switched to LA Fitness I thought I was getting the better cards out of this deal. It was going to be closer and newer. Well, come to find out, those were the only things that were good. So I quit my 24 Hour to join suck-y LA. Bad decision on my part.

I recently (not even a month ago) switched back to 24 Hour Fitness and from the lack luster improvement that I hadn't seen AT ALL at LA (and I worked out almost every day), I started to finally see my body transform again into it's hot little self when I was at 24 Hour Fitness again. And THAT is where I'll remain. Happy and fit.

Well happy right now anyways. Since I had quit 24 the first time I seriously had GAINED weight. AH! Girl world of mine died inside me a little bit. I was NOT happy.

I've taken back my routine schedule (with variations to stay physically at my peak so my body doesn't get bored with the boring workouts) and have started working out every day besides Sunday and Friday.

But it's not just enough to work out. Because with working out, you won't really get anywhere if you don't have some goals.

Today I had my mom take measurements of my body:

Right bicep: 11 in
Left bicep: 11 in
Waist 27 in
Booty: 38/39 inches
Right quad: 23 and 1/4 in
Left quad 23 in (even and mismatched)
Weight: 139 lbs

That's embarrassing to tell you, but I can't make progress if I don't track it. And so I'll be tracking on my blog. Mainly because it's easier.

So my working out routines go a little something like this:

Monday: Kickboxing
Tuesday: Cycling and Yoga
Wednesday: Kickboxing
Thursday: Cycling (or I'm thinking this "BodyPump" class)
Friday: Break
Saturday: Cycling in the a.m.
Sunday: Break

But I can't work out that much and not eat healthy. I already eat my daily servings of what I need, all thanks to my fabulous Mom who makes wonderful meals. But I need to get daily nutrients like Iron, Protein, and other vitamins and stuff. I'll be eating smaller portions but more often. 6 meals instead of three: Breakfast, small snack, Lunch, small snack, Dinner, small snack.
Some of those meals will be replaced by my Whey Protein that tastes like chocolate! And then besides my vitamin pack that's called "Be-Hot", I'll also be taking a metabolism booster. Not that it's needed. But it helps when working out so much and places good nutrients to help strengthen the muscle and build it back up when it gets torn.

I'm not necessarily working out to get thin. I'm already thin.

So why am I working out? Because among making me feel better about myself, I want to be tone and have lean muscle. Sitting on my bum all day staring at a computer screen doesn't help. That's also why I'm working out so much. I'm not body conscious or anything (well to a point because I AM a girl), just wanting to be healthier in general.

Working out will also help get rid of/control illness. Like my asthma. Learning to control my breathing working out will strengthen my lungs. And doing yoga and balance will help/control my ears from being bad (I have CRAZY bad ears!)

No I told you where I am currently, I'll post my goals of where I WANT to be:

Right bicep: 9/10 in
Left bicep:9/10 in
Waist: 24 in
Booty: 37/38 (I like my booty and get compliments so it can stay!)
Right quad: 21
Left quad: 21 (yes! They will be the same!)
Weight: 125 (approx. Muscle weighs more than fat, so I don't mind being over if I have more weight that fat)

So those are my goals. I'm not going to post about those every day, because how can you expect to see results. However about every/or ever other week, I will post. Therefore to see if any true progress is made.

Also, I'm going to get my body fat percentage measured by a trainer too. Last time I checked I was at the "Fit" level right next to "Athletic" But I want to be Athletic... So We will see

**I'll also be running to get better at that because running is a good habit for life. Probably going hiking too because I stink at that. But my handy little inhaler will always be by me!**

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Sarah Blue said...

Dear Mermaid,

You are crazy.

Why? Because you think you need to get in better shape.

I have seen your bod. You are fine!


That is all,


Your Sister

PS Good luck with your goals...even though you are crazy. ;)