Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My conversation starters...

A little background: I work full time during the day. I go to school full time during the evening/night. My life is pretty filled with busy work at work and school. I rarely play, but when I do it's hard and fun.

The other day, I had been telling my mom stories that I thought were HILARIOUS!!!! I started noticing, however, that every story I was telling my mom began with, "One time at work, blah blah blah." Other times they started more like, "HA! Ok! So at work, la la la!"

I realized that I couldn't NOT talk about work. Not necessarily about work per se, however about the people I work with. The people I work with are hilarious, adventurous, crazy, and that's why I like them. It's a rare thing to like people at work, but I do. Then I realized that my mom doesn't know a lot about these people. I started wondering how many other times I've begun a story like that. IT HAPPENED SO MUCH MORE THAN I THOUGHT! AH! Yeah! I went back to ponder on my conversations, and it seems that's how they all started out... Do people get annoyed? Well if so, that's really no concern of mine. I'll tell the story anyways. But still, that doesn't stop me from wondering.

Anyways, it was just a thought.

And I needed to post a blog.

Two birds. One stone.

Peace out!

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Sarah Blue said...

Don't worry about your conversations being mostly about work. People talk about what's going on in their life. When we were in school, we'd come home and tell Mom (and others) all about our teacher or what happened at recess. My conversations used to revolve around work, they still do, but now my work is watching kids and cleaning houses.

I would love to hear more stories from your work. I think they are great.