Monday, July 19, 2010


I've decided to write a little diddy about signs...

Where, you ask, did this topic come from? Oh simple really. Let me fill you in...

Everyday at work, I enter the bathroom. When I enter the bathroom, I also go into a stall. When I enter the stall (the cleanest one, mind you, because that is a BIG deal), I read the sign.

And WHAT does that sign read? "Please treat the restroom if you are at home! (seriously! Girls are GROSS! You give them a sign that permits that grossness to appear at work... Well, you see what happens)" Or something about the bathroom being at home....

Well let me tell you that I think it is just gross. I mean REALLY, really? Ladies at work take that sign a little too literally. I want the sign to read "Please treat the restroom as if you are at WORK!" I want to take a pen to that home, cross it out and put the word work. I think it is much more appropriate. Plus, then I won't have to check all the stalls to find "the clean" one... As if such a thing exists.

This brings me to another story about a sign. Not the bathroom part, the work part! Silly heads!

So at work, when I go on break, I like to go out to my car (the death trap) and listen to music.

I see all sorts of things. But the biggest nasty I saw was of a man.

I saw a man drive by. Not just driving by, but digging.

And not Just digging. He was digging in his nose. Going after all that gold!

I know!!

Die! Seeing this had brought me to a previous idea of mine that I find, well, just BRILLIANT!

The idea?

Make signs! Makes signs that say "I just saw what you did... (insert amazing drawing of a nose being picked)!"

Also making signs that say, "Yeah! I'm the one person that saw!" Because everyone knows that there is always just ONE person that sees you doing that something. Whether it be picking your nose, dancing loudly (Yes! You can dance loudly to music! Try it... You'll see!), picking a wedgie <guilty>, etc.

Can you just see it?

I can! And it would be HILARIOUS... just saying.

I also want a neon sign in my car that would glow in the dark and I would turn it on... What would it say? NOTHING! ha! It would just glow!

Well.... That's my randomness. You like? Me too!

Peace out!

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Lcurls said...

LOL yes! I wanna do signs too, really- I do. I want one that says "you pretty much SUCK at driving" but I also really think you should make one that says "I saw what you just did..." lol!! soo funny!
And girls really are nasty in home bathrooms. you should make a sign that says " treat the stall, like someone is watching you, you nasty woman- and if there are any leftovers- we'll blame it all on you"