Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh! The Good things...

My final semester of school is finally here. I only have three more classes that I will complete this semester, graduate with my AA in communications and be moving on up and out. Then I can do the mediation class, get licensed and open up my own practice to start a career/money!! It's so great! I'm so happy to finally be getting done... School has been such an issue with me. Some of the issues? Getting hit in the face during the finals time and not really being able to see, getting my appendix removed, and also the fun stuff of going to Disney World for a semester on internship. All those things can really hold a girl back!

It is summer! I love summer. My skin gets tan. My freckles become more noticeable on my face. My hair gets a lot more blonde!!! Bah! I just loooooove it.

Money making jobs. Though I don't make a lot at my job, it still brings in the steady paycheck. I love paychecks. They make me happy... Nough said for that.

My sister, Caroline aka Mombabe, and family are staying here. Meaning there are lots of laughs and more great quotes from little tykes. ha! Basically I am well entertained.

Working out. I have missed you so. As well as my body has been missing you and definitely showing that I have been missing you. I need you right now more than ever! Tomorrow, let's you and I make a date and work out! Sounds FABuLOUso to me!

Dating... Dating is a good thing! Dating one in particular is really good...

I feel this semester is definitely calling my name and full of much more GREAT things! I'm very happy now... Yeah-Heah me!

Peace for now!

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The Denham Family said...

I love your life.

Your Hermana.