Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guess Who's Back....

Noooo! Not Shady! Thought that ridiculous song, that is also sometimes amazing, is now stuck in my head. . . . IT'S ME!!!

I know, I have so betrayed my blog. But I will apologize with leaving somethings that have been going on in the ordinary days of my life.

I've decided that, however tedious my job is sitting on my bum all day, that I love it. The people I work with are amazing. It's funny, because I usually try not to be too personal at work. But these people are so awesome. We have basically two sides at work, and I like to be more on one side, but still in the middle-ish. Who would have thought having work friends could make work more enjoyable. Man I've missed that feeling.

School is a killer. I love all of my classes. This is probably my favorite semester in school, but freak! It is hard. . . I am glad that I will be getting my AA degree and moving on.

Speaking of moving on, I've decided what I want to be when I "grow up!" For so long it has jumped from Dentist to Dental Hygienist to Communication Major to Sign Language Interpreter to Forensic Scientist and back to Dentist to start the ever on-going battle of which career!! It's been tough, with hills and curve and hills and valleys. But I've finally figured it out. What is it? I want to be one of those sexy women who has that awesome career in those cute tailored suits and outfits that is in charge. Sooooo.... That means that I don't want to be a Dentist and Hygienist wearing scrubs to work, however comfortable they may be. I have such a love the Sign Language, but I don't want to go into interpreting. Somewhere between the Scientist and Communication part is where I really want to be. Exactly where, I'm not sure yet. But isn't that exciting.

I've been working out towards my hot bod goal. I've lost 2% of my body fat and hope to lose at least another 5%. It's not a ridiculous goal. I've been getting up early to work, and I can go work out. My goal is to work out hard 6 days straight. Lifting mainly in those 6 days. The 7th day (Sunday) is the rest day. From there it will be 3 days hard core cardio, 3 days hard lifting. I figure calculating the protein drinks I have, the healthy eating, and keeping all of my energy, I can totally lose not on the pounds, but also increase the muscle percent and decreasing the fat percentage. While working out, I've also found that I love the body. The way it moves and works. What to eat to keeps that energy. Ahhh! I just find it interesting as all heck. Anyways....

I've ruled out looking for boys to date to. It's funny when you're searching for something and you never find it... Then by that particular chance that you don't, or aren't necessarily looking, it creeps up on you. Not that that is my goal. Just, I'm done looking for, when I should be the one being looked... Does that make sense. Hmmm... In my head it does. Well that is to say, I'm sick of sitting around waiting for absolutely nothing and would rather pursue much more important things in my life right now. Like working on myself! Not that I'm not going to stop going on dates. I mean, hello boys! I like you! Just saying you can find me! I'll be the cutie little blonde you are trying to have notice you.

Well, I'm back and am here to stay. Can't promise posting every day, or every other day. But every week for a weekly update I can definitely promise. Keeping you posted!

Peace out!


Sarah Blue said...

Welcome back! This was a nice update to read.

Good luck figuring out what you want to be. FYI Psychologists wear cute little business suits...I know you were enjoying a few Psych classes at one point.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Horray!! You're BACK! Finally!