Saturday, July 11, 2009

Conversation Contemplation

My deary friend of mine back in AZ, and I, were chatting it up through text the past couple of days. Mainly, because she's HILARIOUS and so am I (don't even lie). Anyways, she's just broken up with a boy and we both thought, "I wonder what boys do when they get dumped (excuse my harsh language) or they are the dumpee?" We of course already know what most girls do in general. I mean being two girls ourselves who have been dumped, and have dumped other guys, we have a pretty good clue as to what we do when WE are the ones being "let go" (sorry dumped sounds WAY awful). In general, if we lose what we want, we cry, get angry for ever dating that said someone, we spend money (wisely because look at the outfits the next weeks or so), and sometimes we eat. Or we can do nothing, or all of the mentioned above. My DEARY friend and I wanted to know what guys to, so. . . we asked. Literally. I texted MOST of the guys in my phone (some are dumb and I knew they wouldn't tell! That's how good I am with my guy friends, because i'm psychic.). So I am going to post their answers. Ha! What do you think?

The text that I sent to all the boys said, "You know how when girls get dumped or break up or something the shop, or eat, or cry? What do you as a boy do? Anything at all?"

Alrighty, so here are the answers

Little (my friend and i both asked him. haha) said, "Well i work on my car or fix something or hang out with the bros or just hang with anyone."

Hottness said, "Well. . . I haven't been broken up with tons, but when I do, I'd say i work out a lot, and write emo songs on my guitar. haha" *then I asked if he would ever write an emo song about me. I HAS to be famous SOME way or another. Gosh jealous*

Peter said, "I dunno go out and drink with friends for the most part. Or call other girls." *Some of my friends aren't LDS (Latter Day Saint, aka Mormon) but i'm putting their answers because they told my the truth and that's what I wanted.*

Viper said, "Haha for me I usually just go race ha that's how I deal with all my frustration is through RC (remote control cars) it mellows me out and I enjoy it." *This boy is really good at racing RC cars. No joke, he has sponsors. How do i know? I worked with him at VIPER HOBBIES. Don't know what that is, research it online. It's a boy toy store.*

Master said, "Have a cry session with rocky road and talk about life with friends."

Ernie said, "Uhhh. . . I myself would probably depending on how much i liked her would either cry of just think why did i date her? That was a mistake. But that's me. ha" He later texted "Of course i haven't had a girlfriend since the 8th grade, so I don't know how i would act."

Royer said, "Lol I don't know-I've only been in that situation twice, i didn't do anything once and another i just cry inside lol- i was in deep but haing with good friends is KEY! That helped me." *he also called me to make sure i was ok! He's the BEST boy ever! Just fyi!*

Jeans said, "Well for me at least I'm always well dressed so I probably wouldn't shop. And I always eat. . . and i never really cry so I am not sure. I've only had Cherie (not real name) as a long term girlfriend. . . so honestly i think maybe I'd play with friends."

Lentz said, "I get over it and just have fun." and "Well it depends how long it was to have certain effects."

Sexy Dave said, "I personally take it out on my body by running or working out."

Esquer said, "Well not sure about other guys, but I've just spent some alone time. Watched some comedies, went hiking, hung out with friends a lot."

Chavez said, "I just chill with other girls and just forget about things."

An Annoying Voice said, "I do a lot of praying. Typically guys could say they faked the entire relationship. People [guys] in general typically go work out thinking they're gonna win the other person back. That or some type of self improvement to occupy the emptyness"

Moore said, "When i get dumped as a guy I go home. . . even if my mom is asleep she comes out and asks what's wrong. The I proceed to bawl..."

Sowards said, "Well i personally haven't been i na serious enough relationship so i don't think i could really answer your question." *You probably thought why would i put this one up, but honesty is the best policy.*

Gene said, "It depends. I've been known to cry (alone), but i usually go out and drink."

So there are the answers to most of the boys! haha! What did you think?

Thanks for reading.

Peace out!


Merkley Jiating said...

Royer is such a sweetheart!

Meredith said...

I know right! He's seriously the BEST ever!