Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am a PROFESSIONAL at driving stick shift. Well not really, but in my head i TOTALLY am. Now that i am new and improved, i haven't stalled once. Well, i haven't stalled once since Friday. BUT THAT IS AWESOME! I KNOW! Gosh I am excited. Just had to share my excited-ed-ness.

Second, i would like to discuss a book that i am reading and love. ENCHANTMENT by Orson Scott Card. So i finished it a while ago, but since i don't have another book, well not yet, i decided to read it again. This time, taking my time. AKA i have to babysit every day of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So i need some time out's for me. So I am trying to read, as slow as possible, the book again. And let me tell you. . . IT IS AMAZING. You must read it and join me in gushing all the glory details. BECAUSE i would DEFINITELY marry the main character, Ivan (said like ee=vahn. Not eye-vun.) Let's face the facts people. Ivan, speaking foreign and English languages, in other words, whispering sweet nothings to me in another language=HOT! Nough said. PLEASE READ!

Thirdly, i am becoming a babysitting fiend. Which has positives and negatives. So Mon-Fri, from 9:30-5:30, i watch a 7 year old boy named Malcom and his sister, 12 year old Britt. Malcom is your average 7 year old boy who is basically ADDICTED to video games. However he doesn't play them by himself, he insists on me playing them with him. It isn't that fun when he knows all the little tricks and do-dad's that the game consists of, which makes him win, ALL THE TIME, and me lose, ALL THE TIME. The pay isn't always the best. Being Mormon and sitting for other Mormons, can lead to being jipped. And sometimes the kids are more than a handful of crazy. Thank you sibling for providing me with cute neices and nephews which are easy to watch, and nice. ;) The positive is that I DO get payed. Me no have job=me LOVE any money, even if it is cheap. I also get to spend time babysitting Britt, who is sweet, funny, and does the yelling. Ha ha. And it also leads to playing card games that I've never played before, playing soccer with the two of them and playing a lot more games. ;) It's fun

Fourthly, actually i have no idea WHAT is fourth on my mind. SO i close now! GOOD DAY!


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