Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just What Not's

Alrighty Tighty! ha!

I'm going to go ahead and give some updates. DON'T worry! There won't be that many because my life isn't that interesting!! Actually it is, i'm just pitying the people that don't have lives. Just kidding.

Recently i've just been going to school and what not. . . No change there. However it was my friend Karie's 20th birthday the other day. I decided to take her out to have some fun. Well we went to the movies and walked around the mall. Now you must understand that this Karie girl that i love is kind of shy!! Some would say ExTrEmElY shy! And i would probably agree! haha! BUT THIS is what i made her wear and that good sport did it, kind of embarrassed, but SHE EMBRACED it! So check this out! haha! The sign, in case you were wondering, says "Hi!! It's my BIRTHDAY! Give me a HUG! Check out my hat!!" haha!! About that hat, you have to hear the history! ha! So my kind sister of mine, Berit, Got me that hat when we worked in Florida. YES! We worked for DISNEY WORLD! Be jealous!! I would be, but i'm the one that experienced working there. . . STINKS TO BE YOU. . . ok sorry i got carried away. Ok! So she bought it for me and THEN i brought it home! And what a better occasion then a BIRTHDAY to wear it. Not my birthday, BUT DEAR Karie's! hahaha! ON to the COOLEST PART OF THIS HAT! You push a button and the candles LIGHT UP!!! Awwww precious! Yes! I know! Anyways! I am an AWESOME friend! haha! And that sign i made Karie face got her a free dessert at Chick-Fe-Le, a hug from a boy that worked at Chick-Fe-Le, and a HUGE discount at the movie theater!! yessiry!

Anyways! That's an update! haha!!!


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