Saturday, February 21, 2009

~Dance Hall Drug~

Isn't that a song by the band BOYS LIKE GIRLS? Yes! Indeed it is! I thought it a good topic because i really like to dance, but not go crazy like the girl in the song!!! So i know for a fact that i am not the only person (i'm not excluding in boys from this, hence person, haha) that dances, poses, stares at their own self, etc. in the mirror! I do all of those plus. . . Yeppers. lol. So back to topic. The other night i was going to go to my friends birthday party and i know that people will be dancing, because this boy likes to "get down". Anyways, before i go dancing or to some parties i like to brush up on my AWESOME moves. They are awesome and you should be jealous. While i was dancing away (in front of my mirror because it is huge and i cannot hide from it! OH and i had these FREAK-ish-ly tall heels on because i feel SO good in them, total confidence booster) i did this jumpy type of move and almost sprained my ankle!! NO JOKE! It was hilarious. Hence why i decided to post about it on my blog. Instead of stopping dancing i have to keep practicing in these freak-ish-ly tall heels. I look H-O-T! No lie. haha Verity, my sister, can attest to this too.

Speaking of my dearest little sister. . . bring my to my next topic of discussion. You see that hair to the left? HOT, eh?! Yeah i know! Story, i thought you'd never ask. One day, and it happens a lot, my sister Verity was bored at the saloon she works at so she shoots me a text over cell-u-LAR Tel-EE-pah-Hon-AY, and asks me to please bring her some Hot Cheetos and string cheese (this sounds weird but is SOOOO good, try it, you'll see). I do. While i'm sitting there talking to her she decides to "play" with my hair. . . By "play" i thought she meant make me pretty! BOI-howdy was i wrong. ok! Take a quick look back to the picture on your left. Hideous!!! Ch-yeah i know. She thinks this is hilarious. However the entire time she is teasing, hair spraying, and molding my hair, it hurt like the devil. WE take a picture as proof, then i ask her to wash it out.
Verity "No i can't! I don't have time. . . We close soon."
Me "Uhh. . . I am NOT walking out of here like THIS!"
Verity *laughing* "I really don't have time"
Me "Seriously you did this now you can wash it"
Verity "Uuuuuuuuuugh! Fine!"
So instead of walking out with hair like THAT, thankfully, i walk out with wet hair. Yes! Only she had to see me like this! But i couldn't resist posting the picture because it is really funny! And fun, through out all the pain, Grrrr.
Ever have a sister, a friend, or yourself play, dress up or what not!? I know i'm not alone and you have total fun, but you don't want to walk out looking how you look in the after-play-time. Am i right? Unless you look nice! haha!
That's all!


Sarah Blue said...

1. Glad you didn't sprain your ankle.
2. I never dance in front of the mirror. That is only you. Sorry.
3. I kind of like the crazy hair! I would have worn it out. Delia did my hair the other day and I wore it to all day, and I had meetings too! Haha! But she was very proud of her creation. :)

Meredith said...

Uhhh. . . First. . .Ok Sarah Blue! That is a total LIE! I know you dance in your room!!! Or pose! Or do anything in the mirror, besides doing make up, for a period of time!

Second i am also glad i didn't sprain my ankle! That would've been a third time. NO BUENO!

Three! Delia watches when Verity and i do our hair, so she has some hot skills up her sleeve! So i'm sure you didn't look hideous like Muah-self!