Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GrrrrrrrrATE Accomplishments

So I was chatting it up with my little sister in the car yesterday and we were having a discussion. When i got off topic, which happens a lot (me being an easily distracted girl). ANYWAYS! Sheesh! I tell her of one of what one of my greatest accomplishments and goals in life are. However i need to start. . . . AT the beginning. Of yesterday that is. Actually it's more like the evening. My dearest mother of mine calls my lil' sister and I down to watch this television-o show with her, because she didn't want to watch it alone. Little did she remember that we all watched it together the first episode. What show? Any Dream Will Do! It's about boys, English boys with HOT accents, auditioning to be Joseph in Joseph and the Technicolor Coat. Verity and i both tell our mother that we love so much, that yes we have seen it, and we did in fact all watch it together. Well Verity has homework (lazy) and so i sit down and watch it. One HOOOOOOOTTY Taughty comes up to sing *chillsfromhotboyssinging* and
"You will ALWAYS be MY JOSEPH!"
>But then the show proceeds and we keep on a watching. And guess what. . . . . . . . . . ?
Now some of you may think "Wow what a pathetic goal/accomplishment!?" Why are we friends?! Hmmm. . . moving on. . . My mother which i love to death, is a hard/butnotquitesohard woman to crack a laugh. I actually get her more times now to laugh. ha! AND i love it! Because it's not a LAUGH OUT LOUD type of life. It's is quiet laughter. Oh!!

So now onto the car with my sister Verity and our little convo.
Meredith "I LOVE getting mom to laugh! It's like the GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT! I think i'm going to blog about it!"
Verity "Oh! I was just going to say that that would be a blog worthy topic!"

NEXT story. . .
So we are sitting at dinner two days ago and my older sister, you may have read her blog Beary Bee, was there. READ IT! So Verity gets everyone, mom, dad, muah-self and Beary Bee, smaller cups. Then she gets HERSELF (rude just kidding) a BIG cup. The next conversation occurs.

Meredith "Yyyyyy UUUU Half SPEDAL (special) CUUPp? UUUU DA SPEDAL GuuuuRL?
Verity "Wow! *laughter around the table* that was the best retard voice!"
haha! OH! And our mom laughed at that! MUWAH-haha!

ok! That's all!

Peace!Got to love me!

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Sarah Blue said...

Mom is a hard one to crack up. Good job Meredith. That IS a great accomplishment. :)

Will you send me the link to Bee's blog? I didn't know she had one going....

Love ya!